Stunning Flowers from Southeast Flowers

We have deliveries of flowers from all over the world seven days a week.

From the UK we have two shipments a week  from Spalding. One we collect ourselves when we meet up with the growers and one we have delivered. See news for more info on English.

Southeast Flowers care about the stock we sell.

Everything that is delivered to our unit is checked thoroughly in our three point quality check. Anything that goes into our cold store is kept on Chrysal Pro 1. This gives it the best start possible.

We have a strict stock rotation, after two days we take flowers out of line and sell in a different way. We are very particular and if we wouldnt take it home we dont sell it!

Our foliage is varied and competitively priced. We have a fantastic range of British Foliage sourced fresh from all over the UK. Delivered here twice a week and lush!! We supplement that by buying from other countries, tropical, Asian, Australian the world is our oyster.

We are always on the lookout for new and unusual stock. If you follow our Facebook we often have pictures showing any new flowers.


At the Southeast Flowers we love the ‘green stuff’ as much as the flowers. We pride ourselves in stocking a huge range of foliage. From your everyday Leatherleaf to something more exotic like fabulous Pandanus Tubes, our range is not to be beaten. We source from across the globe to bring you excellent quality, competitively priced, inspriring foliage.