June 28, 2012

BFA 2012 Industry Awards Nomination

Southeast Flowers has been approached by various people within our industry regarding the above awards.

I have taken it upon myself to be a one women ambassador for SEF and to put us forward for the following categories:

‘Flower Wholesaler of the Year’

 ‘Sundries Wholesaler of the Year’

 It only takes 2 minutes to nominate, and there are just 4 easy steps!


1.  Open an email addressed to (or just click the link below):

[email protected]


2.  In the subject box type:

BFA Industry Awards Nomination


3.  In the body of the email provide the category of your entry which will be:

‘Flower Wholesaler of the Year’ &

‘Sundries Wholesaler of the Year’


4.  Please also provide our company name and contact details:

Southeast Flowers Limited

Ashford, Kent

01233 625678



 Your support would mean the world

to each and every one of us . . .



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